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  • Тема: SBCGlobal Email account not working on phone

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    • 30 септември 2021 г., 12:53:47 EEST
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      SBCGlobal Email account not working on phone

      If you are using an Android device to operate your SBCGlobal account, but facing issue or SBCGlobal is not working on your device, try the recovery methods given below:

      Reboot your device as this can do the wonder in most of the cases
      Uninstall and Re-install the application on your device
      Check the IMAP/ POP Configuration Settings in Android
      Make sure your phone is connected to the network
      Set the correct IMAP settings for SBCGlobal email on Android:
      Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server: mail.yahoo.com
      Incoming port: 993
      SSL Requirement: Yes
      Outgoing (SMTP) server: mail.yahoo.com
      Outgoing port: 465 or 587
      SSL Requirement: Yes
      Authentication Requirement: Yes

      Detailed information about SBCGlobal Email Login issues at www.theemailhelpline.com/sbcglobal-net-email-login/

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