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Списък на най-новите мнения

    • 29 ноември 2016 г., 10:05:15 EET
    • If you don't want to spend a fortune opening cases, there is another option to get keys. Using Free CSGO Ak47 Skins you can get CS:GO keys for taking surveys online. Later on, you'll be able to buy/trade for keys easily with your profits, but this site is great if you're just starting out or don't want to spend your profits on keys. Usually it's better to just buy the skins you want instead of opening cases, but we all know how addicting it is.I read what you published, I recently played a game and you want to share with you.

    • 29 ноември 2016 г., 10:02:06 EET
    • I read what you published, I recently played a game and you want to share with you.Now that you have a few skins. It's time for the fun part. Betting! Head on over to CSGO Skins Lounge and sign in through steam. On the home page will be a list of upcoming tournament matches. Look for something with very safe odds (80-90+%). Find a game you like and click on it to place a bet. Once you're confirmed your bet you'll receive a trade offer from one of their bots. Accept it to activate the bet.
      If the payout isn't very high for your bet, you may end up just getting your items back. Keep trying until you make a profit. Don't get impatient and bet on something with lower odds to get a higher payout. Always bet safe.

    • 6 юни 2016 г., 11:11:25 EEST
    • грешка, обърка играта....




    • 23 май 2016 г., 11:09:07 EEST
    • окоп



    • 21 май 2016 г., 0:24:44 EEST
    • рояк


    • 20 май 2016 г., 9:53:01 EEST
    • копнеж


    • 19 май 2016 г., 23:45:26 EEST
    • гримьор


    • 19 май 2016 г., 11:48:55 EEST
    • постановка


    • 6 юни 2016 г., 11:08:12 EEST
    • ... започва с и , завършва на я..


    • 2 юни 2016 г., 12:13:08 EEST
    • носталгия (да стане трудно)